The needed materials

For the cultivation of mushrooms at home you will need some specific materials and supplies. In general these materials and supplies are cheap and easy to come by. The cultivation of mushrooms isn’t very difficult. It doesn’t require a lot of knowledge or materials to grow your own mushrooms. The supplies you will need are not expensive and are generally fairly easy to come by. The following list of items serves to give you an impression of the standard supplies needed for growing mushrooms. Sometimes certain procedures might require other tools and/or supplies.

  • spores or mycelium from a mushroom
  • pressure cooker jars (with lids) (Could be empty jam jars)
  • substrate ingredients (rye, straw etc.)
  • knife/scalpel
  • spray bottle
  • filtermaterial
  • syringes
  • ziplockbags
  • alcohol/gas burner
  • desinfectants
  • thermometer
  • sterile (latex) gloves
  • mouthmask
  • petri dishes
  • scale

Most of these items can easily be acquired online. A pressure cooker, for instance, can be found second hand at low prices on auction sites such as Ebay.
Online stores such as Azarius (EU) and Spores 101 (US) offer a wide range of growing supplies, spores and even ready-to-grow mushroom kits.