Grow kits

‘Grow kits’ or ‘grow boxes’, also known as ‘mycelium boxes’ are ready-to-grow boxes with pre-inoculated substrate. In most cases, the mycelium has already formed, and therefore all the user needs to do is introduce it to fruiting conditions. Here’s a short step-by-step guide:

Mycelium Box

This is probably the most populair and easiest to grow kit available. The box is filled with a substrate of rye and perlite, and is cased with vermiculite. It contains pregrown mycelium of a Cubensis species.

The set contains:

  • Box with mycelium colonized substrate
  • Filter bag
  • 2 paperclips

1. First, the substrate needs to be ‘soaked’. Open one corner of the lid of the box, gently turn on the tap and let the box fill up with water. Make sure the substrate is completely submerged. Close the lid and let the box stand for 12 hours.

2. After 12 hours carefully open the corner of the lid of the box and let the excess water run off.

3. Remove the lid from the box (do NOT throw the lid away!) and put the box in the filter bag. Fold the top of the bag and close it with 2 paper clips. Place the box in warm spot (20-25c) where it receives some light. It does not require direct sunlight. Also, do not place it on top of a radiator.

4. Leave the bag closed. The mushrooms will appear in 10-14 days. These will be ready for harvest in about 7 days after appearing.


The mushrooms are ready for harvest when the veil underneath the cap has just teared. Harvesting too early will cost the grower yield. Harvesting too late will result in purple/black, spore covered mushrooms. This does not affect the mushrooms and is just a cosmetic issue. Harvest the mushrooms by grabbing the mushroom by the stem at the base and perform a twisting motion while lifting it upwards, out of the mycelium.  Small mushrooms between the substrate and the side of the box are best left undisturbed. Harvested mushrooms can be dried or stored in the refrigerator (in a brown paper bag or tupperware box) for 3-5 days.

After harvesting, the box can be used again for the next flush. Up to five flushes are possible before the mycelium is depleted.

Immediately after harvesting the box needs to be watered again for the next flush. Remove all mushrooms that failed to mature, put the lid on the box and water it for 12 hours. Continue as before by putting it in the filter bag.

Order a ready to grow mycelium mushroom kit online.